Mortgage Originator License Information

Mortgage Loan Originator/Staff National Mortgage Licensing System

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 (S.A.F.E. Act) was created to improve the accountability and tracking of residential mortgage loan orginators/staff, provide protection for consumers, reduce fraud and provide consumers with information regarding MLO’s. Registration is required for Mortgage Loan Originators/Staff who work for an agency regulated institution.

Visit for information regarding mortgage originators/staff who are either licensed and/or registered.

Registered BayCoast Bank mortgage originator/staff and their registration identification number are listed below:

NMLS Registration NMLS ID #
BayCoast Mortgage 1082048
Marissa Botelho 2019533
Nicholas L. Christ 22580
Stephan A. Cabral 33150
Daniel J. Briand 441458
Neil W. Jackson 20518
Robert C. Cinquegrana 33140
Rico Conforti 551984
Tracie Corcoran 895958
Peter Curtin Jr. 491784
Paul Faggioli 292495
Sonia Ferreira 25160
Kevin M. Fitzpatrick 455034
Sandra Gouveia 697271
Joanne Hudon 21614
Daniel P. Kirschner 772868
Peter A. Mello 9353
Tammy King 504577
Daniel Long 1629071
Meredith D. Lewis 187684
Debra Lambert 5350
Timothy R. Long 158651
Pamela McLain 485411
Kelly Pavao 1414746
James Rafuse 32209
Shawn L. Rioux 118267
Donna Sinclair 852584
Michael L. Taveira 188744
Simon Theberge 33152
Nathan Vandemoer 1931279
David Viglucci 833198
Marc Walz 5826
Nicole Yankee 1489807
Steven Yokell 1031800
Shelly Mayhew 1253571
Andrew P. Kinnane 1872964
Marissa Botelho 2019533
Connor McKnight 2291439
Antonio Slaughter 2082712
Nathan Vandemoer 1931279
Business Development  
Jordan Abat 2351921
Susan Bosley 1435383
Edward Branco 753710
James Clarkin 2063028
John Gonet 2098144
David Hutchinson 2063021
Filomena Lopes 1618943
Ryan Matteson 851975
Helena Moronta 1704724
Stephanie Wilmarth 2063029